Development Guidelines
Make sure you follow these guidelines to get your own code merged for sure!
If you are not sure if your code complies, just send it in; we'll tell you in case it doesn't.
-- do_something_one(foo) --> Makes xyz
-- do_something_two(foo) --> Makes zxy; foo is a table that contains yxz
local do_something_one = function(foo) *
	local bar = {} *
	for n, f in ipairs(foo) do
		if (foo == 5) then
			return foo
			bar.x  = f **
			bar[n] = f **
			table.insert(bar, f)
	for _, b in pairs(bar) do

register_something("foo", function(foo, bar) ***
	if not foo then return end ****
	if (foo == bar) then
		print("foo = bar")
		do_something_one  (foo) 5*
		do_something_two  (foo) 5*
		do_something_tree (foo) 5*
			(foo, bar, "1", 2, "3", 4) 7*

There you go, that is some reference code for the coding style.
*       =  Make sure functions and variables that don't need to be public are defined local
**     =  To modify an array member by its index, preferably use, not bar["foo"] if not required
***   =  Define functions inside registrations; Makes things clearer, you know which function belongs to which registration
**** =  You can put simple if constructions in one line only or use one line if the ifs do the same thing over and over again.
5*     =  If you use functions with similar parameters, it looks better to make it like the parameters are in a vertical line.
6*     =  Make spaces and empty lines between functions and inside functions for segments
7*     =  If a line becomes very long, try to split it. Try not to use more than 100 chars per line.

  • Use tabs, no spaces
  • Don't use too many comments, you can describe something at the head of your code
  • You can use the sample code above also for other things (e.g. shows where to make spaces)

  • GitHub
  • Use GitHub to send in your code. Git is not too hard!
  • You can send incomplete pull requests, but explain what is missing
  • Describe your pull request, what it does and what does not work!
  • You may also provide screenshots if you implement new features
  • If you implement new features, you should also send in an update for here